Tumar Shop - Bishkek

Art group TUMAR,

was established in 1998 to preserve and develop the material culture of the Kyrgyz people through the creation and promotion of a modern, functional and high-quality craft products based on environmentally friendly, traditional and new technologies of production.

The company based in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), where more than 200 artists on felt, textiles and ceramics work. Art group TUMAR working closely with design studios and designers in the creation of their products. The combination of different techniques and styles, the use of natural materials, mostly felt, are the basis for the author’s implementation of creative ideas of artists and craftsmen.

TUMAR was started by the clever Chinara who directs the company. Roza Makashovna is the felt master and innovator and has been here from the start. And Chinara’s brother, the engineer, designs and customises machines to make the production run efficiently. May I note, even the German felt makers we impressed with TUMAR’s felting tables production solutions!


slatted wood felting tables, soap, wool, patterns
TuMar felting tables - Water running through hardwood slats, caught into funnel under felting tables to disposal or reused when applicable

Tumar is a unique place, bridging the gap between new worlds and old, useful ways of making goods. Where craft was and is innovation.

As we face pressing sustainable solutions it is important to remember what we (collectively) already know about how to use our materials and resources with respect and efficiency. And this is what TUMAR is all about, evidenced in the refuse of bathtubs as sinks in the felting rooms and the beautiful felting tables with quality local hardwood  slatted over a big belly funnel so water runs into buckets to be reused as needed, I could go on….

I feel TUMAR sits full circle close to the biofabication communities.

But there is a difference, TUMAR because their circumstances, quest, energy and intelligence have stayed connected to the land, to their vernacular. In turn this has kept alive a kind of spiritualism, respect and belief. Fitting the name has historical, nomadic significance…

leather tumar


TUMAR is a triangular-shaped amulet made ​​of leather or felt, worn on the chest, which was sutured amulets, protecting the owner and blessing for many years. Our dream is that the art created by the people lived and prospered, and the products were stored not only the historical memory of the people, but also were “Tumar” for everyone.   www.Tumar.com/en/about