Liliya Serazetdinova initiating the Tumar project

Liliya Serazetdnova

Liliya SerazetdnovaLiliya Serazetdinova initiating the Tumar project

I would not be in Kyrgyzstan and Arts Council British Council/ Tumar project would have never happened without Liliya Serazetdinova.

Suzanne Lee of BioCouture introduced me to Liliya Serazetdinova. At the time there was only a vague idea of a project in my mind but Liliya’s cogs were turning. About a year later Liliya contacted me to see myself or any artist I knew would be interested in working on a felt project in Central Asia. I gave it a go thinking it probably would not come off as funding is always difficult. But I had no idea what a resourceful, calm and organised person Liliya was!

She did all the research into potential funding sources and suggested the Artist International Fund from The Arts Council and British Council. She sent me all the links but I was still hesitant to invest much time into writing the application. I have had so many misses and near misses with funding. Liliya kept patient, calm and BECAUSE she was so organised I slowly put in more effort.

Liliya is a rare find…she helped me with writing the application often sending me a suggested blurb of writing to make my own, to detail. She connected me with Tumar, facilitating all the sponsorship letters and took the time to research previous successful applicants to help structure what features would give the application best chance of success . She organised a potential budget and suggested research I could do once in Kyrgyzstan such as what museums to visit, how to work with Tumar to arrange visits to the nomadic villages and even best airlines to fly with.

When it came to project manager it was clear Liliya had been doing this from the start. It was a delight to hear in June out of the 189 applicants this project was one of the 34 successful ones. Liliya really listens to those of us ‘creative’ types who often don’t think in ways to secure funding and then with a calm level head makes it happen!